Podium 4 leads the way in providing specialist services for the intelligent engagement of communities in niche markets.

Working independently or in partnership with high-profile organisations, Podium 4 takes a fresh and innovative approach to identifying client and industry needs for engaging communities and for delivering what members of those communities need to improve their knowledge, performance, experience, and contacts.

Podium 4 has a reputation for delivering creative community engagement concepts and provides a range of bespoke event services for clients including:

  • idea and concept generation
  • research and intelligence
  • programme development and delivery
  • project planning and management
  • consultancy: expert guidance, advice, analysis and troubleshooting

Podium a big hit

The newly introduced Ocean Industry Podium concept, managed by Mike Porter at Podium 4, proved to be an extremely successful...

The time is right?

With the next IMO meeting to discuss the Ballast Water Management Convention convening in May there is a possibility that ratification will occur...