In today’s competitive market you need to stay one step ahead of the competition but when was the last time you had your events, your communities, or your business model independently and confidentially analysed? Have you ever wished that you had access to a valued opinion from an external and independent source? We provide expert guidance, advice, analysis and troubleshooting to help develop your events and build your communities.

Project case study: Event analysis and critique – international shipping event and publishing company

The brief

With fiercer competition in the market, tighter budgets and increasing time pressures on event attendance, our client was conscious of the need for a review of what is was offering, an analysis of competitor events, and an update on market trends and demands. The client, a leading voice in the shipping industry and organiser of events in key shipping hubs worldwide, was prepared to react pro-actively to an independent critique to continue to live up to its excellent reputation, to exceed future delegate expectations, and to stay ahead of the competition.

The solution

Podium 4 was contracted to undertake a constructive critique of one of the events in the annual series and attended all programme sessions and networking sessions as a delegate to report on observations and feedback from attendees. Event staff were unaware of the brief ensuring normal operations. The report covered observers impressions, analysis of delegate demographics, pre-event marketing, post-event activity, market and industry trends, and on-the-day activity including event delivery, programme format, information and educational value of content. This together with pre- and post-event research of the company’s events provided key information for Podium 4 to offer a constructive critical analysis and recommendations for the client to consider for development of the event, other events in the series, and more effective engagement of its communities in the future.