Programme development

Generating ideas and concepts is the first element of successful business development but creating an effective programme to deliver those ideas for community engagement is the crucial element. Whether it’s  a group-building initiative, a single event or series of events to achieve a specific objective or an exclusive roundtable meeting for high level executives, we are best placed to research and create the programme that your business and your community needs.

Project Case study: TradeWinds knowledge leader series

The brief

To build on the achievements of lively, interactive forums delivered to a wide range of maritime communities, TradeWinds invested in a Podium 4 initiative to develop the knowledge leader series – a collection of exclusive, invitation-only meetings organised with the goal of developing a community platform for wider knowledge sharing and acting as a catalyst for fresh and forward thinking combined with positive action to help achieve solutions to the challenges the industry faces.

The solution

The initiative launched with a knowledge leader series for the offshore marine community engaging the industries most innovative and ‘blue ocean strategy’ thinking executives at meetings in London, Oslo and Kuala Lumpur during 2014. The participants were clear that the challenges the industry faces and many of the specific issues raised at the meetings would be better addressed collectively, with improved co-operation, communication, education, and representation.

A key outcome of the inaugural Offshore Marine knowledge leader series was a call for OSV owners to have a stronger voice and be more pro-active through the creation of a global OSV owners alliance and drive initiatives in close collaboration with industry bodies. The knowledge leader series addressed this and, with extensive coverage in TradeWinds and continuous dialogue, brought it to the attention of the wider industry, generating immediate industry reaction and helping to build a stronger global community for the benefit of the industry.